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on wild architecture
Guy Debord

It is known that initially the situationists wanted at the very least to build cities, the environment suitable to the unlimited deployment of new passions. But of course this was not easy and so we found ourselves forced to do much more.

new urbanism
Constant Nieuwenhuis

A growing discrepancy can be observed between the standards applied in allocating urban space and the real needs of the community. Town-planners and architects still tend to think in terms of the four functions of the city as defined by Le Corbusier in 1933: living, working, traffic and recreation. This oversimplification reflects opportunism rather than insight into and appreciation of what people actually want today...

basic program of the bureau of unitary urbanism
Attila Kotanyi, Raoul Vaneigem

Urbanism doesn’t exist; it is only an “ideology” in Marx’s sense of the word. Architecture does really exist, like Coca-Cola: though coated with ideology, it is a real production, falsely satisfying a falsified need.

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Middlesbrough Institue of Modern Art

Middlesbrough Institue of Modern Art
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