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Record reviews, occasional (okay, very occasional... ) live reports, music articles. From futurism to indie, via improv, gabba, onkyo, trash and other tangents...

record reviews
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Bloc Party, EP cover

Bloc Party: EP
D. Konstrukt
Bloc Party have garnered ecstatic reviews in the UK music press for their 3 singles to date. Now they're taking the party across the pond with the release of a new US only EP.
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live reviews
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Gemdays 2009

John Richards @ GEMdays, Huddersfield, 28/01/2009
D. Konstrukt
The opening night sees electroacoustic artist John Richards take to the stage, a space filled with DIY electronics, wires, candles, a meat grinder, silver wig, mysteriously modified baked bean tins and other paraphernalia. The set up looks great. John pads quietly under a big screen and onto the stage.
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||| farmersmanual and klipp av @ Ultrasound, Huddersfield, 27/11/2004 |||
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Futurist musicians

Manifesto of Futurist Musicians
Balilla Pratella
I appeal to the young. Only they should listen, and only they can understand what I have to say. Some people are born old, slobbering spectres of the past, cryptograms swollen with poison. To them no words or ideas, but a single injunction: the end.
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No-Neck Blues Band

 Hong Chulki, Choi Joonyong and Jung Eunju at RELAY 04, 2005

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